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Latasha is a highly experienced interior designer with a deep passion for the design industry. She holds a degree in both interior design and business management. She is also a US veteran who has proudly served her country. Her present journey has led her to venture out into a new phase of her career; she has leveraged her knowledge base and skill sets to transform interior spaces into remarkable dwellings. With a focus on luxury designs, she has built a reputable career portfolio, collaborating with renowned designers and operating in upscale markets. Latasha prioritizes cultivating client relationships and brand loyalty. Her primary focus lies in identifying design challenges and providing innovative solutions that enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and value of every space. She has proven herself to be a top performer in the world of interior design and aims to enhance the client experience through high-level design services.

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Mattie's Loft embodies the essence of "Making Home What It Means To You." This philosophy has become a central part of our design process. The inspiration for this mantra dates back to a significant moment in my life – the passing of my mother, Mattie, due to breast cancer. Her departure left a void that altered my perception of home. To offset this outlook, I began associating the idea of home with memories of my mother. The love, warmth, and beauty she instilled during my childhood was deeply rooted within me, preserving the precious memories of Mattie. Today, I pay tribute to my mother by infusing a bit of that love, beauty, and warmth into the homes of others through my passion for interior design. Each project I undertake is a journey to uncover what "home" means to my clients. It's a collaborative effort where I listen, learn, and translate their unique stories into tangible designs. I believe that a home should not only be a place of aesthetic pleasure but also a sanctuary that evokes a sense of belonging and comfort. From selecting the perfect color palette that reflects their personality to curating pieces that hold sentimental value, every detail is meticulously considered. Incorporating elements that tell a story is crucial; whether it’s a vintage armchair that reminds someone of their grandmother or a modern art piece that symbolizes a significant life event, these personal touches make a house truly feel like a home. We aim to design environments that are lived in and loved, places where memories are made and cherished. As we continue to grow and evolve, Mattie's Loft remains dedicated to the legacy of my mother. It is her grace and strength that inspire us to help others find their own sense of home, filled with beauty, love, and warmth.

Let’s Create Together

1900 E. Victory Drive

Suite 3, Unit 6188

Savannah, GA 31404

Tel: 833-384-7374

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